Surface Preparation Laboratory
Rosbayerweg 163
1521 RW Wormerveer
The Netherlands
 +31-75 612 0501
 +31-75 612 0491
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Surface Preparation Laboratory is specialized in creating well prepared and well characterized single crystal surfaces for you. We have worked in this field since 1984 and are very aware of the needs and requirements of the scientific community.

We work in an efficient and effective way because of our inside knowledge, gained at the FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam. Surface Preparation Laboratory's employees are its key asset and contribute over 30 years of experience in fine-mechanical engineering and over 20 years of scientific experience in the microscopic study of crystalline surfaces and interfaces. SPL uses the latest technology and developments in materials research, which enables it to meet the highest standards required for the preparation of single crystal surfaces. Equipment is available for crystal cutting as well as for the polishing and characterization of surfaces.

You get the crystal you need by working with professionals who meet your requirements.

Since 2015...
We bought the crystal growth equipment of:

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